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(English, Italian file., German f.) a principal female dancer inside a ballet organization or dancing-mistress. In the days of the Russian Imperial Theatres the title was specified on the outstanding soloists whodanced the chief classical roles. Even though the term ballerina is used for any feminine ballet dancer, it had been originally a rank given to an Outstanding ballet soloist inside the Russian Imperial Ballet.

Where by the balcony is so little, projecting shallowly and from only one window, it might be named a balconette. Precisely the same phrases may very well be placed on a gallery that initiatives in excess of the principle flooring inside a theatre or an auditorium

(English, German n.) initially a piece of fabric hooked up into a personnel and utilised as a standard by a monarch, navy commander, or knight, Even though these days far more generally employed for decoration or advertising

(Spanish m.) a four-segment dance that is not Portion of the flamenco custom but instead is associated with the sevillanas, a form of people music, sung and penned in Seville, Spain. Educational institutions educating baile por sevillanas may very well be found in nearly each city in Spain

a vowel built with the topmost percentage of the tongue behind the oral cavity. These include the vowel Seems present in ooze, oomph, go, law, and father

dance-like instrumental songs from Iran, bandari indicates 'within the harbours' and it is assumed to signify Bushehrs' oldest instrumental musical variety

You can suppose thus this was the Köthen pitch. The problematic trumpet portion inside the 2nd Brandenburg would be much simpler on an instrument at Tief Kammerton.

It's got the musical framework AbbaA, with the very first and previous stanzas possessing the exact same text. The first and final A is referred to as a ripresa, the b traces are piedi (feet), whilst the fourth line is known as a volta

Historical texts suggest Obviously enough, nonetheless, that by 186 B.C. the Bacchic cult had acquired sufficient level of popularity to be viewed as a risk to the stability from the Point out. It was then that an Formal purge was purchased

Also displaying an aptitude in science, Vincent graduated within the Maschinenbauschule using an engineering diploma. His coronary heart remained in songs, leaving an engineering occupation for an unsure future in tunes. Results shortly followed as he toured throughout Europe, adopting the phase identify of Vincent Bach whilst in England

Woop Woop - non existing place used to describe an extremely distant spot, made more renowned during the movie 'Welcome to Woop click here for info Woop'.

present in a banjo orchestra, normally tuned to open up C tuning, utilized rhythmically or to play inner contrapuntal traces

the regular US biographical dictionary of songs which generally addresses figures with the western classical custom and incorporates composers, performers, and Students. Revealed by Schirmer Guides, NY, United states visite site of america

the term 'band' will also be applied like a synonym for 'segment', i.e. those instruments of the same key in a larger physique of instrumentalists; by way of example, 'string band' for 'string section' of the symphony orchestra

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